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Every issue we publish articles about extraordinary people, shining a light on their success story.

Today we would like to introduce you to a remarkable person who succeeded in once unfamiliar field and who keeps inspiring his surroundings by encourgaming them to strive toward beauty and perfection.

Frederico Gauttieri – is a marketing and creative director of Casato Roma diamond house. 

Casato jewellery  - is a dream come true, a representation of elegancy and style. Castro Roma products are easily recognised by a small golden dragonfly engraving which has become a symbol of a company. For the past 8 years that the brand exists in has melted the hearts of many Hollywood stars as well as hundreds of thousands of females around the world. Today Casato is part of top 10 jewellery firms in Italy.


Federico, could you please tell us how it all started? How did you get into the jewelry business? 


It all began in Rome by absolute accident. I was supposed to become a lawyer, which is a perceived tradition  in my family, and then I met a couple of friends who asked me to join them in starting up a jewellery company. I was 24 at the time, and decided to try and follow that unknown but exciting road. I suppose I just relied on my instinct. I had been decent at designing and making things with my hands ever since my childhood, so that type of decision was dictated by my nature rather than any other factors. 

How difficult is it to create such wonderful pieces of art? Where do you get your inspirations from?


Every new piece of jewellery is unique. And when creating it I give myself in to the process, to my work. For me the real challenge is to constantly improve and perfect my creations. I like to always aim higher and I am never scared of trying something more difficult. I’ll continue re-shaping a new piece until I am happy with the result.  However, if I make it like I have pictured it in my mind, I get a personal satisfaction and that is a very pleasant feeling. 

Inspiration comes from everywhere. I can see a real life flower or spot an architectural detail in a certain building in Rome and get inspired. But the real creative urge comes from observing today’s women and imagining what jewellery would look good on them. My almost exclusive source of inspiration is femininity.


Popularity of Casato is growing day by day, what is the secret?


I think the secret is that every day we’re moving forward restlessly. Casato design team (which I guide and coordinate) is incredibly talented, and we come up with a lot of collections every year. Each collection represents an evolution of something, maybe an evolution of a previous collection, maybe an evolution of an idea that I have in my mind, or simply an evolution of woman’s habit. I am a great observer of women, I like to look at them when they don’t see me, because I want to see them when they are natural. This is the way for me to try to figure out their needs.


What kind of women are your typical clients? 


I don’t really have a stereotype when talking about women. The only thing that counts for me is femininity. It is a concept that has no age. You can find it in a 20 year old woman as well as in a more aged one. I have seen 70  and above women who still looked and behaved very feminine, as if it was something they had never lost in their lives. Femininity for me is my leading star, it is my compass which directs me in anything I create.  And of course Casato woman is a woman that  finds pleasure in owning jewelery, that has confidence in wearing it and is never afraid to express herself.


Could you tell us about jewellery and fashion?  what is a trend now and whether or not we shall follow it?


Fashion and jewellery, they go together but walk different paths, if that makes sense. I mean that the main difference is the size and the material we are working on. In a dress there is a lot of space to fill, and it’s virtually possible to take care of a lot of details and use many different materials.  A piece of jewellery instead it’s a miniature. Given a very limited space, and with a scarce amount of materials, you have to create something unique, which is sending a message that will reach a woman’s heart. So, from this point of view, trends in jewellery and fashion are not the same. Despite this Casato have created many trends in recent years, trends from which the whole international jewelry business took a great benefit. We have been the first company to invent enamel print colorful rings (2004) then the first ones to put the diamonds under a transparent stone 

2007), then the first ones to put diamonds on top of a stone (2008), the first one to use rose-cut fancy shape sapphires creating beautiful color effect (2010) then  the first one to produce double-rings (2011), then we invented the bracelet-rings (2012), then we created the triple rings joined together to dress the hand in a beautiful way (2013), then we created another trend with long necklaces, long in the front and with long and sexy chain in the back (2014) and we will keep doing the same in  years to come. We will keep pushing.  In the midst of all of this, we have been changing the rules of how to make jewellery. We have been showing to the whole world that is possible to make jewellery following your soul rather then the common forgery rules. This passion is what makes us stand out and is the reason why you  today you can recognize a Casato piece among many other jewellery, because it sticks out for it’s own personality.


How long does it usually take for your concept to become reality?


The longest process is the formation of the idea. Then, another important step is to test the idea  by re-designing and re-sketc)hing one piece multiple times until I get perfection. Then, it’s time to bring that piece to life, by producing a unique item of jewellery based on a design. The whole process normally takes from 3 to 6 months, but I had some ideas that  took me 2 years to make them happen.  In Casato, research never stops and if you come and see our design room you will see piles and piles of sketches. Only less than 5% of what we design comes to life as a pieces of jewelry.


Which celebrities are your customers?


Many, in America, as well as in Russia, Italy ,Japan, from all around the globe....Many actresses and singers and fashion icons like Madonna, Alessandra Ambrosio, Kate Middleton are among them. And that’s just to name a few, It’s impossible to keep track them all


Where can we find your jewelry on Cyprus?


In Cyprus you can find Casato in N.A. jewellery in Limassol and in some selected Stephanides boutiques (Four Seasons Limassol, main shop in Nicosia, Hilton Nicosia