Million Dollars Smile

Happiness is a mosaic made up of many pieces: family, love, self-confidence and of course good health.

If any part is missing, the picture will be incomplete.

A healthy and beautiful smile is one of these small elements; so taking care of your teeth should not only be a priority but also be left to professionals.

A dentist’s job is universal as a toothache equally affects people from all countries.

We at AfishaCyprus wondered what dentistry is like here in Cyprus?

 And with this question we went to  Vitadent  Clinic here in Limassol, where doctors Natalia and Aleksandra helped us find the answers.  

The dentists have graduated from the University of Tartu in Estonia, and for the last two years have been working in Cyprus deciding to open their own clinic in 2014.


Vitadent  Clinic provides a full range of dental procedures such as simple fillings, root canal treatment, teeth whitening, prosthetic treatments, implants placement and oral surgery.


Many people are afraid to visit the dentist, usually due to early childhood fears. But nowadays times have changed and in place of old methods, new technologies help patients and dentists with less painful and more effective treatments.


Health begins with strong teeth.


Vitadent Clinic uses modern methods that make procedures as painless as possible, while also reducing the duration of the treatment.

Patients at  Vitadent  Clinic can be sure that each method of treatment is always in line with the highest standards. All procedures are carried out with the latest technology making them very cost effective.

You can easily get rid of plaque, remove stains usually caused by smoking and bad eating habits, and whiten your teeth. All these practices are performed using techniques that do not harm the enamel while helping you achieve a beautiful smile.


A little about Aesthetics


There is nothing more beautiful than a healthy smile - it will be admired by others and make you feel great.

Aesthetic dentistry today can work wonders, each with a name, a cost, and indications for proper use.

Results of pearly straight teeth like Hollywood movie stars are often reached through veneer placement.

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain made to fit over the front surface of the tooth. It is comparable in thickness to an eye lens and they are most often used on the front teeth visible on your smile.

Veneers help cover minor cracks and chipped teeth, medication effects such as darkened enamel, and remove the gaps between teeth or slight irregularities in their shape and appearance.

The doctors at Vitadent  Clinic advise patients and help select the desired color together.

Creating a stunning smile is available to everyone

From a large range of products, each patient can choose the method of prosthetics according to their taste, requirements and budget.

Natalia and Aleksandra undertake work of any complexity taking into account firstly their patient’s needs, while advising on a range of treatments that can bring out the smile in you.