Time to relax

Long live the king! Spring has finally come, delivering the comfort of warmth, bright colours and, of course, celebration time. In the context of travel this spring is an ideal time to combine paying tribute to cultural and natural wonders with (surprise, surprise!) a wide range of SPA services. SPA tourism in itself however is far from being considered a novelty.


Hot springs resorts and the use of mineral enriched baths were common elements of life even in the classical era. Ancient  civilisations of India, China, Egypt and Babylon as well as Imperial Rome were famous for their medicinal water treatments. 

But in the modern world, we are lucky enough to experience the full spectre of SPA facilities: day-time and medical SPA centres, SPA hotels and even SPA ship cruises. 

“AfishaCyprus” team is ready to present you the winners of the 2015 WORLD BEST SPA OF THE YEAR award in different categories.


Choose Your  Cyprus beach!

The glorious beaches of Paphos can be found situated in several accommodating spots along the coast, offering guests and locals both white sand and crystal clear water. 

From AFISHA CYPRUS comes a selection of the best beaches in the PAPHOS area.


Festivals agenda

You think that winter celebrations are over with Christmas and New Year gone?

That there’s an end to joy and partying this season? 


Everything is just starting, for February is ahead, and February is the month of Carnival. We’re unwrapping a detailed guide to worldwide festivals before you. Enjoy the read!


Holidays in March

Irrespective of the season when you decide to go on holiday, a vivid and memorable trip full of  adventures is all you seek. Fasten your seat belts, as our article will take you on the journey through hottest trends and destinations!


March is knocking on the door. For tourist industry the third month of the year is usually characterised by generally lower prices and more lucrative offers, which makes it an ideal time to travel.

Whether you’re tired of never-ending winter and are dying to relax at the sunny beach again; or desire to experience a proper snowy wonderland spiced by mountain skiing, you have a perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true for affordable prices