“Twins Djoly” founders, two charming sisters Olga and Julia Litvinovs, are far from being afraid of combining fur with Venetian lace, artistry with luxury in the fashion items they produce. On the other hand: Litvinovs do it in style!

Our editors’ team has been able to lift a semi-transparent veil covering their lives, their art and their creations, and see for ourselves where the ultimate success of “Twins Djoly” is coming from.


“My sister and I do not consider ourselves designers, as this word is defined in a dictionary. When we were just children our parents started to cultivate us as passionate lovers of everything that looked beautiful. Our mother is a professional artist who has an exquisite taste, thus since our early childhood we have been able to observe her working: drawing sketches and manufacturing custom made clothes.
At some point in life we started designing and making clothes for ourselves, as a hobby. Our creations came out to be absolutely sublime and we thought: “Why don’t we share this beauty with the world?”
Today we are extremely glad to notice our products being worn and enjoyed by girls from all around Europe, including countries such as Germany, France, Italy and (of course) Russia.
Our creativity is drawn from many sources: the art itself; optimistic, easy going people and our interactions with them; pleasant strolls outdoors; architecture and history; and extensive travelling.
In our opinion, it is very important to learn to see true beauty in simplicity, in ordinary things; to spot serenity in how the rain pours outside, or how snow falls steadily on the ground; in how a calm river flows in its blossoming bed; in how the wind caresses summer leaves on the trees; in how graciously the sun rises and sets upon our planet; in how people’s faces change after a kind word or a generous deed. For us these everyday occurrences define the real grace and serve as a key for our inspiration and dedication to our work. 
Once we were asked the following question: “What common character traits does your female clientele possess?” Which was plainly easy for us to answer: “Any woman that chooses our brand and our products has mastered the art of enjoying her life to the fullest. She seeks constant self-development, especially concerning her spirituality. She is a free and strong-willed person. She is well-educated and bright. Her style makes her stand out, although still allows her to look feminine and sexually attractive. And last but not least, she is extremely confident with herself”
We have to say that we will have a hard time thinking on what delivers us more pleasure than our creative work.
At the moment, designing clothes made of fur is our number one priority.

Every day we come up with and manufacture more and more extraordinary furry pieces of garment such as skirts, shorts, brocade bath gowns trimmed with sable, marten, chinchilla, lynx and caracul.   

Our love for art has lead us to experiment with linings: some of them are decorated with famous artists’ masterpieces.
Our key to success is easy: sleep less, work hard and become one with your passion. You won’t even notice how your dreams turn real! ”

In conclusion, on behalf of the editors’ team I would like to remark that despite young ladies’ modesty, the uniqueness and eccentricity of “Twins Djoly”’ products are indisputable. Thank you very much for your works, we wish you all the best!
You can order “Twins Djoly” goods to be delivered to Cyprus via e-mail (twins_djoly@yahoo.com) or telephone: +49 176 8458 1115